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The Cape Town Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group (CTPSPG) was formally constituted in 1992, as an organisation providing for ongoing reading, discussion, supervision and training for psychoanalytic psychotherapists in the area of Self Psychology. In more recent years, the theoretical and clinical focus of the Group has expanded to include Intersubjectivity Theory and Relational Theory.


CTPSPG is run by a committee of six to nine Group members, each of whom carries a specific portfolio. The committee is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the Group’s activities, as well as liaison with other psychoanalytic groups and international bodies.


Most members belong to a reading group which meets monthly. Although the groups choose their own course of reading, this is guided by lists provided by more experienced members.


In addition to the reading groups, there is a monthly meeting of the whole membership. These meetings are intended as an educational forum and a way to maintain and foster contact among members. They take a variety of forms, including symposia, presentation of original papers and discussion of critical theoretical and technical issues.



CTPSPG has as members a number of senior psychoanalytic psychotherapists who offer individual supervision for practitioners wanting to practise in the Self framework.



Introductory courses covering basic concepts in Self Psychology are usually started once a year for new members.


From 2013 we will be running a 2-year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy programme for HPCSA registered therapists who are interested in learning more about Self psychology and relational psychoanalysis, for more information please see the Training page.



CTPSPG has organised a number of national conferences. The first one took place in 1992. They are attended by local, national and international delegates. This has helped the Group cement ties with an international community of psychoanalytic psychotherapists.



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About the CTPSPG

The Cape Town Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group (CTPSPG) is an association devoted to the advancement of the theoretical and practical understanding and development of Self Psychology among therapists, their clients and members of the general public.

CTPSPG is registered as a Nonprofit Organisation; registration number 050-946 NPO.


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